Saturday, March 05, 2005

nocturnal neurosis

Two nights ago I had the craziest dream(s).

In the morning Penny told me that after she had to wake me up from my nightmares to comfort me for the third time, I said, “Baby, do you ever dream that reality is unstable?” I don’t remember that. But I do remember my dreams a little.

There are 5 of us. Reality keeps shifting on us. It’s like the world is a beach and our perception is constantly being upset by the undertow. When the waves wash in everything changes. The shifting separates us from each other and puts us in danger. It important that we stay together. We have a metaphysical connection that keeps things from shifting. Our connection is almost electrical in nature. I don’t know if electrical is the right word. It’s remote. Maybe like a wireless connection or a cell phone signal. Sometimes there are more bars than others. We have to concentrate to keep each other from slipping away from the connection; if one of us gets weak, the others have to compensate to maintain the whole. Outside sources can interfere and upset our connection and when that happens we’re at the mercy of the undertow. Only our connectiveness can keep things stable.

That’s the dream, in a nutshell. I think each time Penny had to wake me up I was experiencing a “shift” in my dream. Finally I just sat up in bed and read four or five pages of the Harry Potter book she’d been reading before bed. I didn’t have the dreams anymore after that.


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