Thursday, March 03, 2005

Letter from Penny

Hi. This is me, Penny. I thought that I would comment on TTSW’s Blog about a funny thing that happened yesterday. I guess that first I should talk about how I feel about this new Blog adventure of TTSW’s. HMMMM, I have always that that Blogs were kind of weird. Why would you want to tell millions of strangers about your life? What if there was some psycho out there who became obsessed with how many times our dog played in poop or really wanted to come visit us? What if TTSW decided to tell the world all about the weird things I do like dancing funny in the living room, or deciding to make brownies out of ice cream, or worse? I guess I was a little nervous.
As TTSW began working on the blog, however, I thought it was really cool. I realized that she a lot talent for writing comically and that the whole Blog thing wasn’t really that scary after all. But then I began to get jealous of her time on the computer. We used to spend our evening together most night. True, they were usually really boring, but I enjoy being with her even if we spend the whole night just picking our noses. I am trying to be supportive though and do my best not to seem whiney or overly needy and controlling. That is just a little too lesbian, even for me. So I started trying to come up with my own hobbies that would occupy my evenings and give TTSW the freedom to Blog away.
Yesterday, I went a little overboard. I went a little nutty in the Staples. I guess TTSW told you that I recently had surgery. So needless to say, recently I haven’t been getting out much. My trip to Staples yesterday, was my first unsupervised trip to a store by myself in three weeks. I spend almost an hour looking at all of the items for sale, and wondering how I could use every one of them. I ended up buying a new set of speakers and subwoofer for the computer, a high back suede chair for the computer, a new mouse, a new printer cartridge, a new phone, a paper shredder, and about twenty other small items. In other words, I completely lost control. After bringing all of these items home, I realized my biggest error. What I have succeeded in buying is a perfect comfort zone, for Blogging. Now I am going to have to basically set fire to the house and cover my body with dark chocolate to lure TTSW away from the computer and I am not even really sure that either of those things will distract her.
Anyway, I guess I just wanted to share, whine, and let you know that I hope you are enjoying the blog, I will be dancing an annoying dance, in a sad attempt to garner attention while you are reading it. :P


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