Monday, February 28, 2005

Snow Angels

It snowed over 6 inches today. 6 inches is actually a lot of snow for this part of Virginia. I got a few pictures of the dogs playing in the snow this morning.

making snow angels Posted by Hello
The furry mess rolling around in the snow is Nala and the beagle-ish hound dog is Bella. Nala is massively high maintenance. Playing in the snow is so fun for her but the snow balls up in little icy dreadlocks all over her legs and belly. I think it really starts to hurt her because it makes her act all grumpy and walk funny. So she’s had three little warm baths today to melt off her snow-locks. She’s starting to run straight for the bathtub after a romp in the snow.

I know it’s pathetic but I’m very excited about American Idol tonight. Does anyone else think Simon has started taking Prozac or something this season. Either that or there’s something other than Coke in the Coke cup in front of him (which is a whorish example of product placing, but what, really, do I expect when I’m watching American Idol. Integrity? Yeah, right).

Oh, and I’ve started smoking again. Suck me. I like cigarettes, especially Camel Lights. They’re yummy.


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