Thursday, February 24, 2005

“My god, why did you shoot him, Phil?”

You know it’s bad when this is the sound bite from the local evening news. Small town cops were executing a search warrant for a meth lab. They announced themselves and knocked on the door. One of the cops (Phil, I assume) freaked out and shot the person who very politely and promptly opened the door.

What the fuck?

Don’t they train these people? Administer some kind of personality tests on them? If you’re likely to fire spastically through the door of a home are you really policeman material? When I was a kid, I was taught that it was always to safe to approach a policeman and ask for help. Whoa. Not if you’re gonna get shot when you answer the door.

While the sheriff's department is investigating the actions of one of its deputies, a Sherando man faces multiple charges related to methamphetamine. The sheriff's office is looking into how and why a deputy's gun fired and hit a man while serving a search warrant and the shooting victim has some questions of his own.
Not able to walk, Jon Franklin Painter rolled into court Thursday afternoon in a wheelchair. Throughout his bond hearing, Painter grimaced in his seat, still suffering from Tuesday night's leg injury. He was shot after the County sheriff says one of his deputy's guns fired while serving Painter with a search warrant. His older brother Robert Painter was not at the Turnpike home Tuesday night, but spoke with Jon after he was shot. He stated, “He said he had seen the cops right down the road from his house and he didn't know if they was coming there or what they was doing. There was a witness that heard him holler, ‘my god, why did you shoot him, Phil’.”
The witness says that quote came from one of the deputies after the shot rang out. The sheriff's office won't say who "Phil" is, and will not specify whether deputies forced their way into Painter's home. The sheriff said Wednesday night over the phone that the incident is being investigated internally. NBC did try to get a hold of the sheriff Thursday for more on this investigation but he was not available.
Family members posted the bail money for Painter Thursday afternoon. Jon Painter is scheduled to face a judge in July on three methamphetamine charges.
Reported by Patrick Flanary


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