Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Add these movies to your que today! (or just run out to blockbuster if you're not cool enough to have a netflicks account)

I’ve seen two excellent films this week. In America and Elling. Both have received five stars on my Netflicks account.

In America is painfully sad. It’s also painfully beautiful.

In America Posted by Hello

It’s not often that I become so involved in a film that I forget that it’s someone else’s vision. I enjoy picking movies apart. I’m not sure what the right words are to use for what I do with movies while I’m watching them. I’m not even sure what it is I exactly do. I watch for the choices made by the creators of the movie. The little things: the colors used, the movement of the camera, costuming, the filtering of light and sound. And what those things do to me as a viewer. Why were they chosen? Into what space do they transport me? Is my perception their vision? Things like that.

I forgot to look for those things in In America. I was enthralled. Is that the word? Microsoft’s Thesaurus says it is so it must be. We all know that Microsoft is smarter than we are(But that’s another post for another day).

Elling is a fun movie.

Elling Posted by Hello

It’s a movie about a couple of guys with disabilities “making it” in the real world, a genre of movie (The Other Sister, I Am Sam) that usually annoys me. This movie somehow managed to avoid the sentimentality of others. I especially enjoyed the portrayal of Frank, the social worker serving the guys in the movie. Usually the social workers in movies about individuals with disabilities are portrayed as angels with a bottomless pit of patience and sincerity upon which to draw. Frank doesn’t smile like down on Elling and his friend like some kind of saintly wizard with the ability to solve their problems with a section 8 lease and a job cleaning up some fast food restaurant. Those characters always piss me off. They’re portrayed as heroes just for considering someone with a disability could succeed at mopping a greasy floor and learning to take the bus.

Um . . . I think I’m starting a different kind of rant that’s best saved for a night when I’m not sitting at the computer with freezing hands while my girlfriend lies under a very warm quilt alone in the next room. More tomorrow. I’m sure I won’t have anything else to do, they’re calling for snow.


Blogger Lasadh said...

I LOVED In America. Just loved it. I mean, how can you not love cute, imaginative kids, a guy who can drag and air-conditioner halfway across the city and a woman who can make a shabby place look so wonderful. Oh, and the accents! The accents just made me melt.

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